Black Light

C1 ——-1 0.0047uf Mono Capacitor
C2 ——-1 0.1uf Disc Capacitor
D1, D2 —2 1N4007 Diode
FTB —–1 Filtered Blacklight Tube
IC1 ——1 555 Timer IC
P1 ——-1 10k Trim Pot
Q1 ——-1 TIP30 PNP Power Transistor
R1 ——-1 470 Ohm Resistor
R2 ——-1 270 Ohm Resistor
T1 ——-1 Medium Yellow Inverter Transformer
MISC —-1 IC Socket, Heat Sink For Q1, Screw, Nut, Wire and PC Board


1. P1 changes brightness of the black light tube.

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