IR Receiver For PC

The following page will show you how to build your own infrared receiver for the serial port.

With this project “IR Receiver For PC” you can control applications with remote controls .
The power for the circuit comes from the RTS line of the serial port. D1 protects the circuit from the negative voltage that is usually on the RTS pin. The LIRC driver will change the serial port settings on initialization so that the circuit will get the necessary positive voltage. For most standard PC serial ports this will be approximately 10V. IC2 will convert the input voltage to exactly 5V. As the input voltage for the 78Lxx type regulators has to be at least 2V higher than the output voltage to work reliably, this circuit probably won’t work on some notebooks. The line drivers inside notebooks often provide voltages about 6V or even less. So you should make sure that your serial port delivers at least 8V of output voltage. If your serial port provides less you can also try using a low-drop voltage regulator (e.g. LP 2950 CZ) instead of the regulator suggested here. Low-drop types need much less voltage offset for reliable regulation. Instead of pulling the power supply from the serial port you can also use a different source like e.g. the USB port or the internal 5V line to power the circuit. Then you won’t need a voltage regulator at all.

Software Download:UICE 2.34





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