Solar Panel Controller

The purpose of this project is to realize a Solar panel controller. Initially developed for a sailing boat, the target to reach was to control the level of charge and discharge and to protect a 12 volts lead battery connected to a 32 watts solar panel.

The project is based on a 12F675 and uses HEXFETs to switch the load and the solar panel. The programs  were developed with PROTON+ and around 10 of those small devices are today doing their job without any problems. The use of a PIC processor gives a large access to the way the load is used (with or without over voltage protection)  or how the controller reacts when the full charge level is reached. This gives a lot of improvement possibilities.

Source: PIC Basic User Project


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  1. Jamonit29944 January 11, 2012 11:11 pm 

    Where can I get the source code?

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