NiMH NiCd battery charger

TRXCharger is a small however very efficient battery charger for nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride Akkus. To be able to load it developed over with high rivers to the reflex load procedure individual Akku cells with good efficiency. The charging current can be given by means of in button operation in 15 steps (typically: 300 mA, 600 mA,… 4500 mA). The load end is recognized reliably by Prädiktion of the tension maximum. As security additionally still one becomes “- you” recognition and a time-out uses. To forming new Akkus is a normal load mode (C/10) with time-out implemented.
The circuit essentially consists 470 UF of the small micro CONTROLLER ATTiny26 von Atmel, two power MOSFETs, a Elko and 100 uH a coil. The current control as well as the load procedure are realized by software.
In the high-speed load mode with the adjusted river one loads. In order to recognize the optimal load conclusion time reliably, the river should not be smaller than C/2 selected (with C the river is characteristic in ampere (A), which enspricht nominal the indicated Akku capacity in ampere-hours (ah)).
The charging current is increased with kind of charge slowly up to being supposed Rome. The load takes place thereby in the represented cycle.

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