PIC18F2550 Trainer

With the coach who started today we bring you a small number of items you can enjoy an 8-bit PIC Performance: the 18F2550. In this first installment will discuss the construction details and particularities of this coach. With the basic and necessary features of today, the development tool will help us to have a working platform designed to test the codes then raised to more complex applications. Connectivity USB, I2C bus, multiple analog inputs with 10 bits resolution and all benefits to be discovered that can bring the PIC18F2550. If you need a coach were simple, robust and useful, look no further, here you have found. In the microworld of those who are dedicated to experimenting with microcontrollers exist we work exclusively with PIC. There are others who only use Atmel, for example. That is, when a designer finds comfort in the handling and versatility in performance, opts for a brand preference or, as is also customary to say, for a particular family. Some people prefer a specific brand for a particular application and other brands for other destinations, alternating and the options the market offers as designed to perform. Within all this electronic fauna which we live also “adopt” a type of controller and be done with it all the tests try to learn.

Source: neoteo

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