Analog ESR Meter

Long jealously kept electricity scheme for testing electrolytic capacitors, finally the pages of the Emitters.
ESR-meter (Electrolytic serial resistance), an electronic instrument for measuring the degree of freshness (dry) of electrolyte fluid in capacitors, without dislocation of the experimental component of the printed plate.
The device is built in miniature version on the two PCB, in addition to conventional analogue AVO meter (Iskra, Unimer 43) with dimensions 68x23x22 mm.
There is a built in lithium-ion battery as a autonome power source,builtmicroswitch  which activates the ESR meter locate on top of instrument.
Two test terminals contacts  are also locate on top of the device.
The miniature ESR meter was build in 2000y, in these era (:)).

DSC_5138 DSC_5139 DSC_5142 DSC_5134

Source: Magazine Emiter

Author: Petar Avramovski


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