Repairing LCD Monitor Philips 190S

Today we have repaired a LCD Monitor Philips  with model no: 190S, came with symptoms that will not to turn on .

I opened it and saw that the five electrolytes are cracked and  then I replaced  them with the new capacitors , I checked the other capacitors with ESR meter and showed that they are in good condition .

So I solved the problem with replacing five electrolytic capacitors.

P1060572 P1060573  P1060575 P1060576

 P1060579 P1060582


  • P.Fievet

     Can you explain how did you succeed in dissassembling this monitor!

  • Vane Janev

    What I know,… I do not know how to explain the way the text, we have the plastic as a business card and with it open all the LCD who came in for repair. The first pushed a little screwdriver and then with plastic business card .. next time I put pictures in disassembling the LCD monitor .. step by step

    You can see on youtube some clips

  • Sorry

    If it turns on but the lights go out very fast, it’s one of the TL tubes broken

  • Vane Janev

    maybe, you should try with a new one