High Performance FASTON Terminal combined with Low Insertion Force

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F-spring contact FASTON terminal meets the highest quality and safety requirements for several applications in a wide variety of industries and markets.

High normal forces in the contact areas, very good wiping action during contact engagment ,mechanically stable contact in the mated position,long life og interconnections,designed for ruggedness and durability ,suitable for automotion proces and easy to insert.


• For 6.35 x 0.8 mm tabs

• Low insertion force (1st insertion 35N max)

• Crimp technology “F” crimp for straight versions “C” crimp for flag versions

• Steel nickel plated material

• Leaf-spring design

• Easy handling, robust design

• Product specification 108-64027

• Application specification 114-64027


• High temperature applications

• Small appliances

• Electric motors

• Power tools & supplies

• Laundry & refrigeration

• Lift equipment and elevators

• Lighting

• Air conditioning


• Minimum profile

• Profiled edge contact is eliminated

• Lower mating force



Source : eeweb

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