Tehnik Service blog launched in 2007. This blog is built for educational purpose to help you to be informed about all the news come from around the world in the field of electronics.

Meet the Team

Vane Janev

  Vane Janev


Vane started Tehnikservice.net in 2007to share some projects and to writing some news from field of electronics. Your first contact with Tehnik Service is Vane.  All your e-mails with questions,ideas, comments,  business proposals and goals will be answered by this man.






Primarius Dr. Petar Avramovski

In the Radio Club „Nikola Tesla“ in Bitola, was born my basic knowledge about electronics at my age of 14. The crown of my knowledge was my golden medal for getting a first place in electronics field at Federal competition in electronics, called “Young researcher’s” with my project Digital electronic lock.

Even thou my education started in another direction, I studied at Medical Faculty and became a Specialist in the field of Internal Medicine, my education and upgrade from the field of electronics was never neglected, not for a one moment!

Am constant associate in the magazine for popularization of science ant technique – EMITER from year 1995 till today,  (www.emiter.mk), where I published more than 150 articles from the field of both – electronics and medicine.

The large number of my scientific articles from the field of medicine (http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Petar_Avramovski/) brought me the title Primarius in 2005, and after the defense of my Master’s Thesis in 2008 I got the right to apply for the title of Philosophy Doctor of Medical Sciences MD PhD, which I am now on my way of getting it.

Last year (2011), I represented Macedonian Scientific Society (http://www.mnd-bitola.mk/) at the manifestation called Researchers night (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSEqYMV8-eE) .

I read TehnikService articles with grate admiration since it’s existence, and I am writing and publishing with even more admiration.

I answer questions and letters from the readers of TehnikSevice and Emiter with grate satisfaction.

I am at the moment employed at the Clinical Hospital in Bitola in the Internal Medicine section as the head of Ultrasound Diagnostics department.

Where is Tehnik Service?

Tehnikservice’ offices are located in Strumica, in the Republic of Macedonia (Southeastern Europe).

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