The simplest eeprom programmer

This design uses only two resistors to program any IIC serial eprom. It is connected to a PC serial port. I’ve succesfully built it for a 24C16 part, but it should work with both smaller and bigger chips (24C02 24C08 24C32 24C65 etc.). It is driven by the Claudio Lanconelli’s PONY PROG free windows software. Set it to “SI-PROG serial interface” serial interface with API calls and no bit inversions.
Notice for dummies: the dashed triangle symbold is “power ground” (GND).
You need an external +5V power supply to feed the circuit. Be careful to apply the power before connecting the circuit to the serial port. If your PC case is permanently left open (just like mine), then you can easily steal the power from the PC supply. The photo on the right shows one of that spare PC floppy power connector. Usually GND is on both the black wires, +5V is on the red one.

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