Converter 12V DC to 220V AC 50W

R1=10Mohms C4=10uF 16V IC2=4013
R2=100ohms C5=47uF 16V IC3=4047
R3=1.2Kohms C6=470nF 400V CR1=3.2768 MHZ crystal
R4=560Kohms D1=5V6 0.4W T1=220Vac/2X10V 2X2.2A *see text
R5-6=2.2Kohms D2-3=47V 1W F1=5A Fuse
R7-8=56 ohms 5W Q1-2=BS170 F2=0.25A Fuse
CX=22pF trimmed capacitor Q3-4=BD139 L1=1H smoothing choke
C1-2=22pF ceramic Q5-6=BD249
C3=8.2nF 100V MKT IC1=4060

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