6 Watt RF Amplifier

Parts List:
2470 pF mica capacitor C1, C5
175 pF mica capacitor C2
139 pF mica capacitor C3
112 pF mica capacitor C4
20.001 uF disc or monolythic capacitor (marked either 102, .001, or
1n) C6, C8
20.1 uF disc or monolythic capacitor (marked either 104, .1, or
100n) C7, C9
110 to 22 uF electrolytic capacitor (observe correct polarity) C10
11 turn #18 tinned copper, 1/4″ dia. L1
11 uH inductor, blue lumpy item L2
12 turns #18, 1/4″ dia. L3
17/10″ #14, hairpin L4
25 turns #20, 1/4″ dia. L5, L6
156 ohm resistor with ferrite bead over lead at the base of end of
12SC1971 RF transistor Q1
2SO239 socket
2banana plug (1 each red and black)
2banana socket (1 each red and black)
1ferrite bead
44-40 nuts
44-40 bolts
RG174 coaxial cable
hookup wire
soldering lugs

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