SWR Meter with Pic16F88


Measuring SWR at VHF/UHF frequency was never a fun. Most radio amateurs just assume that their 50 ohms cable is matching a beam or GP.

SWR Meters of analog variety are flooding market, although, not very economical. LCD meters are bit expensive, crossing a range of over $100. Although, even if they include “Antenna analyzer” or something like that, which few of us, use or understand, but certainly pay a price for!!

LCD SWR Meter presented here meet many simple task using a micro controller, especially, dear to all of us, a PIC!!. This time its PIC16F88. The very basic purpose to make this project is to encourage radio amateurs to build their own High Quality LCD SWR Meter at low price, instead of buying expensive ready made units.
RF Sensor/Bridge uses SMD components and two “N” type Brass Sockets. (SO239 may be used)

Read more: http://products.foxdelta.com/swr-vhf.htm
* swr.zip

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