IR Light Dimmer

This is a very simple IR light dimmer that you will wish to have sooner or later, especially those who are lazy enough to get up and turn off the lights. There are two versions of PCB for two sizes of capacitors: 32.5 x 26.5mm and 28.5 x 27mm. Dimmer is connected to existing home wiring installation inside a junction box, which is usually located above the light switch. In order to properly connect the dimmer to installation one should follow the schematics provided for that purpose. If connected differently there is a very big chance of some freaky side effects such as burned PIC microcontroller, serious fire and who knows what else.

Features of current beta version of firmware:

– Soft start (gradually turning on the light bulb)
– Soft down (gradually turning off the light bulb)
– Learning IR codes from RC5 and NEC remotes
– Dimming in 10 levels by using only IR remote
– Previous dimm-level remembering when operating with remote
– Sleep timer in duration of 1.6min for 60Hz version and 2min for 50Hz version
– ON/OFF control with wall pushbutton


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