TV-Based Oscilloscope

This single chip solution turns your TV into a digital storage oscilloscope with a sampling rate 160 Ksps. As a bonus, five voltages on the five analog inputs can be monitored.

No additional video-controller and video-RAM are required. Main goal of this project is an implementation of a high-resolution (512×240 pixels) video generator inside the ARM microcontroller, LPC2138. This video generator operates in the background mode, with a low CPU loading that allows the other high-intensive tasks (such as the data collection and visualization) be run.

Both of standards, American NTSC and Europe PAL are supported.

Download: TV Based Osciloscope

Source: jandspromotions

photo5_tv_screen2 photo4_tv_screen1

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  1. Jero Darta January 20, 2013 4:03 pm 

    can this instrument use for chek tv signal ?

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