ATtiny24/44/84 Adapter

Atmel does offer an adapter board to support this chip along with another one with slightly more I/O lines. The STK505 adapter, which is reasonably priced at US$75, would be a great solution. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in China and it’s not available over here. So… it’s time for a roll-your-own solution. While a lot of things are not available over here, SOIC ZIF test sockets are, and are priced very inexpensively at only US$8.

Like the STK505 adapter, my little adapter allows ISP and HV programming. It has jumpers (instead of switches as on the ‘505) to control the dual nature of some of the PORTB pins on the Tiny24 – PB1, PB2, and PB3 are used as the RESET, XTAL1, and XTAL2 connections for this reduced pin-count chip. They can also be used as normal I/O pins if these functions are not needed.

Source: Tom


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