LED Matrix

Last year in one of my classes we were required to make an ‘artefact’ or something that reflects the interests of the class. Most people make posters and the past two quarters that’s what my class did too. Posters however are static, usually boring, and don’t reflect that fact that everyone in the class is an EE major. We decided posters are for noobs and decided to go off the wall a little and make an LED matrix display.

Source: Max Thrun


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  1. Eddysarios October 31, 2009 2:06 pm 

    este poyecto me parece muy interesante, felicitarles.
    les pido si tienen yl circuito,pcb y su exadecmal para grabar a la memoria.
    me despido deseandolos exitos en el labor qie desempeƱan y esperando su pronta respuesta.

    Atte Edwin

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