4 Channel DMX512 Driver

This project is a 4 channel DMX512 driver board.  It features four power MOSFETs that can be configured to operate in PWM mode or as on/off outputs.  The driver can be configured to use any four consecutive addresses across the full 512 channel address range.  It can be used to drive LED arrays or low voltage lamps in PWM mode or operate relays in static mode.

Feature list:

* 4 channels with low side N channel MOSFETs providing up to 3 amps per channel
* Two modes of operation:
o 8 bit resolution PWM mode with a PWM period of 10ms (100Hz).
o static drive mode with on/off outputs.
* When no DMX data is received the driver can be configured to turn off all outputs, or leave them in their current state.
* Configuration held in EEPROM so no external switches or jumpers required.
* Flexible modes available to set configuration.
* Configurable for active-high or active-low outputs to allow ease of interfacing to external drive electronics.

Source: Picprojects


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