PIC 16F84 / 16C84 FF Evaluation Board


When I set, some time ago, about working with a PIC 16×84, I had immediately to face the problem to have a permanently and stably working circuit, without mounting the PIC on a prototype board every time. Searching on the net, I didn’t find anything really complete for a PIC 16F84 / 16C84; I therefore decided to personally build an Evaluation Board allowing to operate with this microcontroller in the RC and XT modes, that is with a clock generated by resistor-capacitor net or by a crystal, but above all allowing to interface the PIC with external circuits in a very versatile and in the same time reliable way. So the Evaluation Board was born. I present here an improved version of it, which adds some functions to the original ones, but, how to say, I am attached to the first version.

Source: Fiacopetti



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