AVR Thermometer with AT90S2313

This circuit  is a small thermometer with a 2×16 characters display (see HD44780 LC-Displays ) that shows the current temperature and extreme values, i.e. minimum and maximum temperature. The PCB is designed to fit behind the display so that it is possible to build up a quite small device.


* Eagle-project (PCB layout) C source code and documentation (Version 07/01/2007 with improved resolution of temperature values): avrtherm-20070107.tar.gz (201 kB)
* Eagle-project (PCB layout) with assembler and C source code (Version 11/27/2004): avrtherm-20041127.zip (142 kB)
* API-Documentation of the C Sourcecode: avrtherm-doc-20041127.tgz (14 kB)

Source: a-netz


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