SEGGER releases production flash programmer for STM8 Microcontrollers

SEGGER Microcontroller today announced a new member of its Flasher family, the Flasher STM8. The easy to use stand alone flash programmer supports the complete family of STM8 Microcontrollers from ST. With USB, Ethernet, and RS232 interfaces,
the Flasher STM8 can be easily integrated into a production environment.

Additionally, the programmer can be used stand-alone, which allows programming without the need to be connected to a computer or network – a feature also shared by the Flasher ARM, Flasher 5 and Flasher ST7. To protect the programmer and the target hardware from
production environment hazards, the Flasher STM8 includes optical isolation. Connected via Ethernet, the Flasher STM8 can beĀ  configured through a web interface.

flasher-stm-8_image0 (350 x 200)

Full product specifications are available at:

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