Audio Generator 20Hz to 20kHz

Three small simple audio generator, producing a square wave, sine and triangular outputs on three separate waveform selectable via a small three-position switch or through a small mixer single output. These arrangements are based on the use of an ASIC, the ICL8038 (Intersil or Harris), also available under reference XR8038 (Exar). This circuit contains almost everything necessary to make a small generator BF Performance is low and demand very few additional components to be well acquainted with him.

electronique_gene_audio_002c_proto_001a (383 x 300)electronique_gene_audio_002 (390 x 370)

Source: sonelec-musique


  1. Fabio vianna July 25, 2012 11:48 pm 

    Hello! That was what I wanted! Thank you.
    Ps.: Do you have icl8038 spice model simulation for ISIS PROTEUS?

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