PIC12F675 Motion sensing light module

Project separated into two PCBs (PSU+PIC and UI board). The PIC microcontroller PIC12F675 does all the hard work, it emulates remote controller by sending some custom RC5 codes, measures ambient light level and decides whether it is day or night and receives trigger-signal from the IS471F sensor. On this PCB there is a power supply unit with two voltage outputs. One is unregulated and comes directly from the bridge rectifier. It’s value is around 8.4V DC and comes from 6V AC multiplied by square root of two (that’s the rule when we rectify from AC to DC). We need this higher voltage to run those IR LEDs for the obstacle sensor and this way we get more power from them – hence more range. The other voltage source is regulated with LM78L05 down to 5V.

Source: Trax

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