Battery voltage Analyzer

We live surrounded by batteries. Everywhere you look there are batteries.Excessive load time can end up destroying the battery. So how do we know when fully charged? Voltage Analyzer With that we show you, this is no longer a problem.The analyzer circuit is built around an LM324 quad operational amplifier (impossible not to have a drawer somewhere there).How to use the analyzer is very simple and has few concepts to consider:

* If no LED lights, the battery has less than 10Volts at its terminals and requires an immediate recharge is damaged or permanently.

* The lighting of the first red LED indicates a voltage between 10 and 12 Volts, a value that determines the need for a recharge.

* GREEN LED informs us that has been overtaken 12Volts voltage and the battery has a payload that can stand still or to be charged to their maximum level.

* The YELLOW LED is the indicator that the battery starts to complete its charge reaching voltages higher than 12.5 volts.

* The latest RED LED warns that the battery terminal voltage and reached 13Volts and begins to become dangerous continuation of the battery. It is there when you need to disconnect the charger.

Source: neoteo

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