Little Clock with PIC16F628

The little clock is a clock pretty special. In addition to the time (as any clock that is worthy of the name), also shows the room temperature.The clock can indicate the hour and minutes with four 7-segment LED display in the format “HH: MM”, where “:” core consist of two small 3mm LEDs. These displays are also used to show the temperature, which is produced by a Dallas DS1820 temperature sensor. To keep the clock running with reasonable accuracy have used a DS1307 real time clock. The second, as mentioned, is a circle consisting of 60 5mm LEDs, controlled by only two pins of the PIC16F628. This is possible thanks to the use of a shift register constructed from integrated circuits 74HC164N 8. While the little clock circuit can be intimidating because of its size (it uses 18 integrated circuits and more than 100 resistors) is not really as complex as it seems. The scheme is based on a PIC16F628, which is responsible for carrying out all necessary tasks.

Source: ucontrol

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