Multicolored LED with CD4093

This project is a floor lamp that can take the color and brightness as desired. Adjusting the brightness of each group is provided by a generator whose frequency is fixed but whose duty cycle (temporal relationship between high and low) is variable, much more efficient than setting current variation in LEDs. It consists of a fixed frequency oscillator and variable duty cycle for each of three colors. Each oscillator operates independently, which helps determine the degree of brightness of each red, green and blue. For this project I made a  PCB using toner transfer method. More photos on Facebook Fan Page.

1Multicolored Led with CD4093 2Multicolored Led with CD4093 3Multicolored Led with CD4093 4Multicolored Led with CD4093 5Multicolored Led with CD4093 6Multicolored Led with CD4093 7Multicolored Led with CD4093 8Multicolored Led with CD4093 9Multicolored Led with CD4093 10Multicolored Led with CD4093


Download complet project: Multicolored Led CD4093

Author: Mr. Sonelec

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