Fastest Finger with PIC16F628

Today we make a new project Fastest Finger with microcontroller PIC16F628 from this link.

This simple circuit has five buttons and five LEDs. Four keys are linked with players, the fifth provides manual reset.

After switching on or after reset (reset, manual or automatic), all the LED off and the system is ready.

One of four players who were consigned to quickly see the button of its own LED light and all other keys are immediately blocked. The PCB file is provided in pdf format.

The hex code is also included in the downloadable project file.

electronique_arbitre_001 electronique_arbitre_001_pcb_composants P1060083

P1060086 P1060087

P1060088 P1060091

P1060097 P1060100

P1060103 P1060109

P1060110 P1060111

Autor of this project is Remy – Mr Sonelec.

Download Complet project:  Fastest Finger PIC16F628