Never dispose of faulty energy-saving bulbs

Several years after they appeared on the market, set as lights in my home.
I noticed that quite often it burns faster electronics, lamps than themselves.
I made a few holes on the body, for better cooling.
Lamps with additional cooling, had more life. Then I started to combine.
Correctly electronics from lamp which blighted associate with lamp where blighted electronics.
This practical advice, unselfishly share with friends electronics.

Advanced electronics can perform change of faulty components in step-down switch electronics:transistors, high-voltage
capacitor, rectifier diodes etc.

Also, do not dispose of faulty energy-saving bulbs I’m sure it will be found and a transistor, capacitor, or some kind of SMD component.

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This is a guest post from my friend Dr.Petar Avramovski writer for the magazine Emiter. Thanks Peter for this unselfish idea and thanks to what you shared this idea with us.


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    Do not even have nectar, usually, the bees are not around the root there and pollinate it. However, if by chance one is pollination and remove the dead bloom keeps the bulb from the creation of the seed.

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