Mini GSM localizer without GPS

It’s a new Mini GSM localizer without GPS using a low cost GSM module:

the SIM900.

This system allows for localization without directly using GPS technology; we are able to locate the desired object fairly precisely by using database availability together with the geographic position of the cells themselves.

In some country the cell coordinates are not publicly known (i.e. in Italy).

If so, where do we find such data? Through Google Maps… Google has been able to store billions of data regarding the location of its clients’ cell phones.

Compared to traditional localizers based on GPS, this device presents many advantages, primarily because it is lighter and less bulky, has a cost lesser and greater autonomy to exercise.

This means that about one battery lithium ion, such as 1 Ah, our tracker can be in operation for several days (it all depends on the number of SMS that have to do).

A locator based on cellular network may answare more immediately.


0908 SIM900_2_sotto


Source: open-electronics

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