Electronics Laboratory with EasyPIC6

As most of you already know, mikroElektronika Development Boards are prefered systems in many educational fascilities all over the world. They are used in high-schools, universities, scientific laboratories, and other institutions where development and research is done.

Electrotehnical High School “Mihailo Pupin” from Skopje,  Macedonia built a great electronics laboratory for practical projects used in their education. It has all sorts of interesting equipment, including persistence of vision rotating LED globe, parking control demonstration, PLC home automation,monitoring systems and more. They use EasyPIC6 for development and control in many of the example experiments.

01 easypic6_550_1

Source: MikroElektronika

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  1. Azeem Naseer February 4, 2012 11:34 am 

    i am final year student of industrial electronic engineering.want to make my final year project PLC based,help me and give me new idea??

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