Dual tone AIRCRAFT model finder

Overcome the fear of losing flying model or a model that forced landed.
The touch down aircraft model is easier to find
in dense shrubs and branches where acoustic marked.
Electronic device for acoustic localization produces penetrating acoustic signal with two tones
that will sound when the aircraft will lose telecommand signal.
Anxiety and fear of loss of flying model only reduces the pleasure and enjoyment in the management model.
It is a rare case when the aircraft model “will be forced landing.”
It is no so easy to find the small model in dense shrubs, branches and greenery of high grass or cereal crops.
The model is often not within reach, yet far from our sight.
Every idea starts with a philosophical reflection, and every conversation starts with “coffee talk”.
Location: Aeroklub – Bitola, Weather: rainy, surrounding patterns and unfinished hulls of balsa as inspiration seasoned with caffeine as a stimulant.
Before you begin by explaining the way of work and instructions for building locator,
to mention that the idea for this project comes from my friend Marian who suggested me
what would be a boon to the construction of this project in search of lost aircraft models.
Marjan is an instructor in Aeroklubot in Bitola and knows how much trouble to find a flying model (if you stay in one piece :-)).
Acknowledgement, We thanks to Marjan and Antigona for an unselfish helping about this project (her hand posed with aircraft finder in the picture 🙂 )

We prefer this two recommendation:
– the device to be in CMOS technology for low power consumption and lower operating voltage;
– audio-oscillator must be two tone audio for easier acoustic detection;
The two tone oscillator in alternating mode is made with three oscillators realized by Schmitt. Integrated Circuit CD4093 contains in its interior 4 Schmitt triggers.
Read more about this project in the new issue of EMITER 7-8/2011,

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M04g6YP6YM

Author, writer to Emiter, D-r Petar Avramovski.


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