BlackBerry "Knight" 9980 – Porsche Designed

The BlackBerry R47 ( 9980 ) has reached almost every BlackBerry fan out there. But, what is this thing? Is it a real BlackBerry device that will eventually be available for buying or is it just a concept-idea?

At this point there are no confirmed information’s available but we have some insight now that the device is out there more.

We’re hearing rumors that this device, for now dubbed BlackBerry R47 is actually code-named “Knight” and was designed by Porsche and could possibly be launched as a limited special edition.

Love or hate the design, the information that it way be designed by Porsche is interesting enough.  In the past we’ve seen plenty of other device manufacturers and designers team up to make a special limited edition smartphone.

We’re poking around for possible more information about this device, so stay tuned. If we learn more we’ll keep you posted.


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