The disaster called RIM ( Research in Motion )

It’s nothing new that the Canadian Company RIM ( Research In Motion ) which is the manufacturer of the BlackBerry Smartphones is not doing well these last couple of months, but now we know the exact figures – and they are a pure disaster!



RIM Net Income in the second quarter of this year is $329 Million. For comparison, the company had income of $797 Million last year, the same period. A decline of revenues by 58.7%. This big of a decline was not even predicted by the most pessimistic analysts.


What will happen with RIM?


The latest figures are indicative of severe decline in RIM again causing the issue for the future of the company. In package with the fall of revenues, also comes the loss of the market. RIM BlackBerry sold 10.6 million devices, which is 1 million less then the predicted. The selling of the BlackBerry PlayBook in which the hopes of the company were pointed, is also devastating – sold only 200.000 pieces from the predicted 490.000. And while some media like Gizmodo analyze how could RIM be saved, the company announced that it will lower the price on the PlayBook.

For me personally as a BlackBerry Bold 9700 owner and long time BlackBerry fan the BlackBerry Smartphones are one of the best and the most secure, especially for business needs. Although the services and the security that RIM provides for it’s BlackBerry costumers are one of the best, nowadays every major manufacturer of Smartphones provides almost the same security benefits.

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