Electronic protection for symmetrical power supply

The proposed solution for protecting, protects connected consumers with a complete shutdown of their power.

Growth failure, be it through positive or through negative part of power leads to complete exclusion from the power supply voltage of connected devices:

laboratory sources with symmetrical voltage power supplies, battery chargers, low frequencies amplifiers, stabilized or no stabilized voltage sources and so on.

This unit can work independently and as electric fuse with variable threshold setting or common goals, in addition to other sources of voltage.

So many types of protection, yet a number of blown power supplies, various electronic devices, speakers and NF-amps.

The protection is built mostly on the outskirts of the electronic device or amplifier, as over current as clipping indicator of protection,

as a quick fuse, thermal protection such as protection based on detection of one-pointed in the component signal and so on.
Starting from the logical fact that energy is “required” to destroy an electronic device, stabilized power supply, NF-amp or speaker,

it gives power to the device, effective protection would be that protection would have controlled the source of power as an energy source.

So, this would be a little different kind of care, protection incorporated in the power of electronic devices or NF-amplifier, rather than their output.

Of course, the best application of protection would be described as fast over current care one-way power sources, independently or as an addition on flow control with continuous change in the threshold circuit limitation.


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author: Primarius D-r Petar Avramovski, writer to magazine Emiter.

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