Table Lamp with LED

If you want to give life to the old table lamp, replace the orange “hot” light with a clean, “cold” and white, built the project with white LED diodes as the light source matrix.
The continuous change of the light source you can build the proposed electronic-switching regulator in pulse width modulation.
Associate surrounding red light only complements the decor of the “new” table lamp.

The idea to pretend my classic table lamp resulted from unwanted heat that gives the lamp as a heating filament and
unnatural orange hue in the spectrum of the generated light, which is different from the color temperature of light daily.
This was certainly the desire to revive the old lamp.
Besides the projected white light lamp is designed to give weaker and red light.

Purpose and why?
As the surrounding light at night to coordinate movement through space and light which will be used when working with photosensitive materials during photo-print PCB (developing good old celluloid tape, film). Red, why? White light on waking from sleep causes stress (not suitable for night), and photosensitive materials (Positiv 20) ??are not sensitive to the red part of the spectrum (no confusion with which the infrared-sensitive).
There is continuous light intensity regulation with NE555 from deep dark to bright light.
The power consumption of this cold light is only 4W.

Author: D-r Petar Avramovski

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