How to change the Samsung R730 laptop keyboard

There is nothing harder when you get a laptop with French keyboard for Macedonian territory, with “AZERTY” instead of “QWERTY” key layout.
Decision: to purchase a new English qwerty keyboard. Attempts to replace only part of the individual buttons by my friend,
were without success. Old French keyboard was destroyed.
Replacement is easy, although in service it was necessary to pay 15 euros.
View images: from the back of the cabinet has two bolts that are identified with “KBD”.
Once you unscrew them, push them back three plastic teeth that are located behind the keys F2, F8 and PRT SC. Then pull up the keyboard and disconnect it
from jack by lifting it up.
Get a new keyboard and fl?? cable. Draw it in the connector. Then drop the tab on the connector. Mount a keyboard with light press on the three plastic
tooth and then screw it from the bottom.

 DSC_6326 DSC_6327

DSC_6333 DSC_6334

Author: Primarius Dr Petar Avramovski


  1. Paul G June 22, 2012 2:03 pm 

    In simple terms if you imagine the keyboard is secured in 3 areas.

    Step #1.

    On the underside of the laptop there are 2 screws these are denoted by the letters KBD, loosen and remove these.

    Step #2.

    For this you will need a very small flat blade screwdriver preferably about 1.5mm blade diameter and 0.25mm thick. (read very small and thin like a watchmakers screwdriver).

    If you look very very closely at where the gap between the F2 and the plastic bezel is there is a small channel, if you look deeper at the gap preferably with a torch you will see a tiny cut out slight to the top right area of the key.
    This is where you need to push your screw driver in gently and twist.
    You will then need to prize the keyboard out and place something behind to once freed to stop it popping back in.

    You then need to repeat the #2 instructions for similar tabs placed above the F8 and Prt Sc keys.

    #3 to re-assemble I would recommend starting to put the Prt Scr tab in first followed by F8 and F2

    Other tip… the chassis to keyboard ribbon connector clamp is a flip up/down type, not an in/out type.

    Hope This helps.

    It bugged the hell out of me getting the keyboard out!


  2. Paul G June 22, 2012 2:05 pm 

    Samsung R730 Keyboard Removal Instructions (<— added to help google search quicker for my answer)

  3. Herman-jup November 24, 2012 12:07 pm 

     Thank you ,it worked perfect  for me !
    greetings from peter in Krautland ( germany) .

  4. DD4Wout May 5, 2014 12:19 am 

    my rubber thing is gone 😛 can I still fix it?

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