LED candle for Christmas tree

The small electronics with a few transistors and a few passive components will revive a dozen of small LED sparks
deployed in the shape of the flame of the Christmas tree candle .
Failed attempt to blow off the flame, like a birthday cake, now become reality. Accumulated air in the children’s swollen cheeks
make magic explosive “puff” and when “flames” from the candle out gradually, children eyes shine with delight and curiosity:
How is that possible?
A small microphone which is placed at the bottom of the pcb under the led diodes,
it converts sound pressure into voltage and the serial transistor switch off.

Meca_1 Sveka_backview Sveka_night

Sveka_PPK_Groplan Sveka kombi 1

Author: Primarius D-r Petar Avramovski, writer to magazine Emiter.
The complete article you can read on the pages of the Emiter 12/2011.

Folow the link: http://www.emiter.com.mk/poveke.php?napis_id=3891

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  1. Antia2000 December 26, 2011 7:54 pm 

    Like the candle, but most of all I like the combination photo of PCB and real view in one.

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