Dr.Avramovski Petar Lab’s

Debbie written to us that she loves the picture of Petar Lab and she will use it as the backround for a training module on ‘Basics of Electronics’. Dr.Avramovski Petar immediately sent new images for the readers to the Tehnik Service and of course  for Debbie.  Old post of electronic workbench is here .

I love the picture of Dr. Avramovski Petar lab’s, and would love to use it as
the background for a training module on ‘Basics of Electronics’. Only thing is I
need a picture of a litte bit more of the room, like the rest of the desk and
floor. So wanted to get permission to use the picture and if so, would be
possible to get that pic that showed the entire desk from top to bottom? Thanks
so much.

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  1. Antia2000 January 27, 2012 12:39 am 

    I have never seen anything like this – made by one man’s hands, with so much knowledge, dedication and LOVE for electronics… WELL DONE! Unique!

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