A homemade digital video inspection!

Did you ever think that your own electronic lab can be turned into the most comfortable working place you can have. Instead of torturing yourself with magnifying glass and light effects , you can use this idea and safely zoom in the smallest electronic parts you have.
This so called “ invention “ can be named as a knd of a microscope which you now can make and have.

All you need is a cheap tripod, video camera, TV monitor, desk lamp, tweezers, and black construction paper.
Many modern electronic parts like SOT-23 transistors have only a couple of millimeters or less to print a unique identifier. It takes far too long to sort hundreds of tiny electronic parts using a magnifying glass, not to mention the feeling to sit and just kill your neck and back from sitting on that table.
Most consumer video cameras have pretty decent macro zoom and focusing capabilities. Attach the video camera to a tripod or choose whatever mounting method works for you.
Each camera model is going to have an optimal distance at which it can zoom in. Some cameras include a macro-focus button which resembles a flower.
So when you set your camera, next thing you need to do is find a goose-neck lamp, but you have to be carefull in choosing the light for this little invention because some lights reflect. This reflection can have influence on your picture making it impossible to see details.
Next you should get a black papered surface which also wont reflect the lights and maybe it will be better to glue it on the table so it wont move. Than come the tweezers, and the best thing is, that you can use any type you can find or already have.

Last thing you need to do is the most important piece for magnification is a computer monitor or in this case a television with a standard NTSC or S-video input.
The larger the monitor the bigger the magnification, of course in this case an old TV with a 10? monitor worked well also.
















written by: Tijana Tixy

Source: www.robotroom.com

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