mikroProg™ for PIC has been redisigned

mikroProg™ for PIC®, dsPIC® and PIC32® website has been redesigned. They made it more elegant, clear and readable. They improved user manuals for the mikroProg™ itself, mikroICD™ and mikroProg Suite™ for PIC® software.

New mikroProg Suite™ for PIC® software v2.20 is officially released. It contains new mikroProg™ firmware upgrade v01.11.11.01 which brings us support for new enhanced family for PIC24® and dsPIC33® devices as well as approximately 4x increase in speed of programming PIC32® microcontrollers. You can get more information about the upgrade in the newly uploaded Firmware Upgrade Guide PDF document.

Source: mikroElektronika

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  1. Lovebattery April 8, 2012 11:42 am 

    great share,i prefer it.

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