Infra Red Remote switch on/off

Most of the remotes used in our home appliances are based on IR (InfraRed).
Infrared rays are a part of frequency spectrum, in which they lies just below the visible light.

If you want to control an electrical device on distance, and to build a simple IR receiver without IR transmitter,
the solution is in front of you:  sensitive infrared receiver, (a simple electronic device with a small number of electronic components) and old forgotten functional IR remote control device required for the implementation of the project.

The device includes all electrical consumers successfully operating voltage of 230 V whose power does not exceed 450 W, and at distances up to 12 meters.

Universal remote control receiver is intended for switching on and off mains two fluorescent lamps (neon light) of 40 W. Anyone who would build the project  can find its adequate application.
Only need to have a remote control of any electronic device: TV, VCR, DVD player, music system etc..
The construction of  the infrared receiver is such that it works with any infrared remote control,
regardless of the signal code.
Taking into account that will be used for the final infrared transmitter,
it remains only to build the receiver.
The device should include infrared receiver  (IC) and flip-flop.
During experimentation experimental plate (protoboard) showed that the need to put an extra column which will eliminate the oscillations that are generated when cutting – so-called “de-bouncing” circuit. This circuit interpolate between receiver IC – rays and a flip-flop. With this, the electrical pattern of the final version of the IC remote switch includes: Receiver IC – ray detector circuit realized with IC1 TSOP1738, reduction circuit signals from transitional phenomena (de-bouncing circuit) built with IC2 ie NE555 and D-flip-flop as switch bistable position ON and OFF constructed with IC3 or circuit CD4013.


This project is published in Emiter 9/2012, Follow the link:

Author: Primarius D-r Petar Avramovski, MD

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