Arduino Basic Connections – The Book

Bill @ Adafruit is one of the experts who had the opportunity to receive the sample of the book for preview and this is the review:

Arduino™ is the world’s most popular tool, used every day by millions of people, to experiment and learn electronics with hundreds of different components; from the basics like buttons and LEDs, to complex devices like digital interfaces and advanced graphic displays.

The nightmare for every maker has always been: where do I find easy to use schematics?

Arduino™ Basic Connections, also known as ABC, has already become the world’s most popular and trusted source for schematics, the perfect solution for everyone. Now he has started an Inidiegogo campaign to collect these diagrams together into “Arduino Basic Connections – The Book“. This is why Arduino™ Basic Connections has been used by over 200,000 makers around the world. Only in the past 6 months, 6 millions schematics have been downloaded!



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