If you have a website, blog or any other web service than the etherfeed is for you. The etherfeed is a small standalone network device, it connects to the Internet and displays statistical data about your website like number of unique visitors, number of pageviews, PayPal sales (SUM of sales via the PayPal IPN), Facebook likes for your brand / group and weather data like temperature, humidity for your location.


How it works?
The system consist of two parts. The first part is a set of php scripts responsible for collecting data from Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook and Google weather data. These scripts shall be installed on the target website.

The second part is the etherfeed device which connects to the internet via a router, and access one of the above mentioned php scripts, collects the data and displays it on the etherfeed 16×1 Blue backlight LCD Display.

Displayed data

  •    Live Google Analytics data for you website
  •     Unique visitors count
  •     New visits in %
  •     Pageviews
  •      All other metrics from Google Analytics
  •     Google Weather data for the selected location (Town)
  •     Temperature
  •     Humidity %
  •    Facebook number of “Likes” for your brand / Group
  •    PayPal IPN Sales data (SUM amount)

The idea for the etherfeed project came from the electrobob’s “egobox” a physical hitcounter based on pic microcontroller and a 7 segment LCD Display. There are two versions of the etherfeed device – the UIP version by Georgi Bakalski which is based on AVR microcontroller and the UIP TCP/IP stack and another version realized via pic microcontroller by Boris Ribov. Both versions use the same case (a nice lasercut box) and the same 16×1 LCD. Both the AVR and the pic versions are open source / open hardware projects.

The Etherfeed is available for sale as an assembled and tested unit, or as a kit. If you don’t have time to make it yourself then the assembled unit is your option. Both the assebled unit and the kit are with a preprogrammed  firmware version 1.0 .

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