SPI Flash Programmer back in stock

SPI Flash Programmer V2  is back in stock  in our Store.

You can get  assembled SPI Flash Programmer v2 for 30$ or get your  PCB for 6$ , but you’ll need to get your own parts.

SPI-Flash-Programmer-v2 proto

This programmer supports: ST Micro M25(E), ST Micro M45(E), Macronix MX25L, Atmel AT25FS, Atmel AT25DF, Atmel AT25F, Amic A25LxxP, Amic A25Lxxx, Eon EN25(B/D/F/P) read only, Winbond W25X, Winbond W25Q (OTP), SST SST25(LV/VF)xx, SST SST25VFxxxB, Spansion S25FL and ESMT F25L.

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