Simplify your work with WAGO banana plugs


Bare wires going from a tested device do not have to mean a problem or require a long time to connect to a power supply.

Who wouldn´t know it – a tested device on a workbench has only wire leads (without any connectors) and we just want to connect it to a power supply simply and reliably. If you don´t want to laboriously connect banana plugs to wire leads (what we surely don´t want if the test is supposed to last only a while :-)) we have only a possibility to use screw terminals on a given laboratory source. But usually neither this isn´t an ideal solution, as the openings in such terminals are usually quite small and if we want to put a wire only “between two pads” – it usually falls out at tightening… Fortunately, there is one very handy component – „WAGO banana plug“, i.e. banana plug with a spring clamp into which it´s possible to insert a wire immediately and without any tools. Similarly simply we´re able to loosen it in a fraction of second – by pressing a body of a plug. The principle of a terminal is the same as for example in lighting connectors Wago 224 series.

We believe that you´ll like this useful helper and you´ll find it belonging to a “must have” category.

Source: SOS electronic

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