LED Stroboscope with PIC12F675

Today we make another project LED Strobe based on PIC12F675 .It is supplied at 15 volts, and is very simple to perform. On this project, it is possible to vary the speed of the flashes (frequency), and duration (pulse width). Everything is included in the PIC 12F675, it is only the software! The code has been written so that the frequency of “lightning” and their duration is adjustable via the analog / digital converters of PIC. The potentiometer RV1 adjusts the speed (time between two flashes) and the potentiometer VR2 to adjust the duration of each flash. The command “power” LED is provided by the transistor Q1, a simple 2N2222 NPN-type mounted switch controlled. If you want to feed the strobe at a voltage of 12 V from a car battery (triangle for signaling, for example), you must remove one LED per branch, or significantly decrease the value of series resistance (eg 10 ohms each ) and not accept a maximum brightness.

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We made this Project from thisĀ  Page: LED Stroboscope

Download Project files: PCB and PIC12F675 Files

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  1. mafuj anam February 20, 2017 10:02 am 

    Hi, my name is mafuj. Business man. Writing from Bangladesh.pls can U give me real making led stroboscopc 05 cricuit. Bcz my project is not working.so need to know c1,2 –uf/–v,–nf, rv1,2 –k, r1-5 —o/–w, r6 n r7 –o/–w, ic1,2 . maybe can U help me.now waiting ur answer n after i am making this project. Please help me build the project properly.

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