CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software V7

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Why CadSoft EAGLEPCB Design Software V7.2?

Wheather you are a team of one , or part of large engineering department, EAGLE provides quality PCB design software with the features that get the job done.

For over 22 years , Eagle has been satisfying engineers, around the worls and offering the same functionality as expensive commercial software ,at the fraction of the cost.

What is New in Version 7?

Flexible User Language Program ,enable custom features ,such as individual instrution sequences, simulation , data export and import.

Export Gerber files that can be used at any board house

1.Gerber 274X and Gerber 274 D

2.Excellon NC Drill Format

3.SM1000 and SM3000

Online import of product,

Active customer forums to share files,

Parse and paste your data outside of EAGLE.


In this version v7  ,is a single thread process by which the edn user needs to run the autoruter multiple to test different configuration.

This new autorouter for v7 augments the existing algorithm.One of the most noticeable  effects of the new autorouter is that multi-Threaded (multicore processors).

Multi-Threaded(multicore processors)

The user will be able to select the best outcome that accommodates his disign, This multiple core processors on computer will be thread like own processor core, this optimizes EAGLE`s use of the available hardware.

GUI makeover:

Version 7 also means a modern graphic look of the user interface.Icon have been replaced by new and modern images.

What is IDF?

Intermediate Data Format file represent the maximum dimension  of component in the form of a block, these block act as placeholders for 3D models of the individual components.

System Requirements

1.Windows 8, Window 7, Window XP,

2.Linux based on kernel 2,6 for intel computers X11, with a minimum color, depth of 8 bpp,32-bit runtime enviroment with the following libraries.

3.Mac OS X version 10.6, 10,7  and 10.8 for intel computer.


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