IQRF module TR72D communicates at up to 600m distance

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Basically the new module TR72D offers the same straightforward development of devices with a wireless communication as a previous moduls,But this one TR72D modul at cars  give a higher power of a motor .

RF output(upto 12mW),new RF chip -Spirit 1 , used at TR72D also provides exellent sensitivity and GMSK(Gaussian Minimum shift Keying) modulation with high resistance to interference; that is why the the new module is able to transfer data at much higher distance than previous type .

The new modul TR72D has one limitation  -is usable with application orginally developed for previous type , but it  is not usable is one RF network simultaneously with older types .


  1. powerful RF transceiver for a wireless communication
  2. GMSK modulation
  3. built-in proprietary OS
  4. open functionality, application in a C language
  5. max RF output up to 12.5 mW
  6. range in hundreds of meters (up to 600m on a free space)
  7. extra low power consumption
  8. 6 I/O pins
  9. supports MESH networks, IQMESH implemented in OS

Source: soselectronic

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