LUMAWISE Z50 LED Holders (28×28)

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The LUMAWISE Z50 28X28 LED holder from TE connectivity enables the electrical , therminal mechanical and optical connectivity of chip-on board, LED `s in a fixture with solderless connection.

This LUMAWISE LED holder can facilitate easy integration and can improve assembly efficiency, also holder can accelerate   time to market for luminaire manufacturers.

The holders are made with RoHS compliant materials and they can operate in temperatures from -40 C up to 105 C .

The holder housings can accomodate 18AWG to 20AWG wiring and are available in gold and tin contact platings.

Type Z holders they  are designed to enabl customers to develop Zhaga compliant modules and provide designers with standard and low- profileversions featurning snap -in LED retention.

LUMAWISE LED holders also can be used for applications: agricultural, commercial , industrial,residental,retail, outdoor, emrergency and off-grid lighting.


  • Save time  with quck and easy  solderless connection for faster assembly,
  • Save space for optics and mounting with a complite flat top surface,
  • Support large recognized platform of more then 11 LED type of size 28mm
  • Expand the flexinility with enhanced thermal performance ,
  • Achieve a longer operating life with LED snap in feature and LED downward pressure by stainless steel spring.


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