2Pole GDTs (ceramic gas discharge tubes)

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The GTCA25-900M-R02 is a  gas discharge tube having 2.5 kA impulse discharge current. 

TE Circuit Protection 5mm 2Pole GDTs (ceramic gas discharge tubes), are commonly used to help protect sensitive telecom equipment such as communication lines, signal lines and data transmission lines from damage caused by transient surge voltages that typically result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations.

Circuit Protection GDTs offer a high level of surge protection, low capacitance and a broad array of breakover voltage levels, making them suitable for applications such as MDF (Main Distribution Frame) modules, high data-rate telecom applications (e.g. ADSL, VDSL), and surge protection on power lines. Circuit Protection GDTs, can help equipment meet the most stringent regulatory standards.


  • 2Pole ,5mm devices
  • UL497B recognized
  • RoHScompliant
  • Devices tested per ITUK.12 recommendations ,
  • Non-radioactive materials
  • Broad voltage range from 75V-600V


  • Telecommunications

– MDF modules ,xDSL equipment , RF system protection, antenna , base station

      • Industrial and consumer electronics , such as :

– Surge protectors

– Alarm system


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